Coffins and Urns

A beautiful selection of coffins, caskets and urns

Coffins and Urns

We offer a beautiful selection of coffins, caskets and urns for you to choose from. All our coffins are made to the highest standards of workmanship. Made from a selection of woods and materials with a choice of stains and styles, we aim to cater for all requirements.

Our aim is to build trust and understanding so that every funeral we arrange runs as smoothly as possible and that a proper sense of occasion is achieved. Losing someone you love and care about can be one of life’s most difficult experiences and we will go out of our way to care for the bereaved by taking responsibility for all the funeral arrangements and helping with the many decisions which have to be made.

We appreciate that this is something very personal to you and your loved one and work hard to accommodate your individual instructions with the utmost respect and sensitivity.

Coffins and Caskets

Coffins and Urns Oak Veneered – We can offer a stunning collection of high quality oak veneered caskets, prepared with brass type handles, end plates, wreath holders and engraved breast plates.

Environmentally Friendly – We also have a choice of Environmentally Friendly caskets available. Choose from our environmentally friendly cardboard coffin made from 100% biodegradable cardboard.

Also available are coffins made from Willow, Bamboo, Sea grass, Water Hyacinth and Banana Leaf. Please discuss your requirements and we will arrange the coffin or casket of your choice.

Coffins and Urns

All coffins have a tasteful interior with a choice of colours. If the deceased is to wear their own clothes, we generally suggest that the coffin be trimmed with a cream interior and white eiderdown.


We have a beautiful selection of urns available made using a range of materials in a beautiful collection of styles to suit all tastes.